Friday, October 9th, 2015

Hypnosis Glossary

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A physical movement or an emotional outburst as a reaction to a suggestion while in the state of hypnosis.

Absorption of attention:

Attention is focused on a spot on the ceiling, a story, a physical feeling. Eye fixation, eye closure, hypnotic mask, diminished movement are signs indicating absorption of attention.


Process of developing concepts; grouping objects in terms of some distinguishing common property.


Development of physical or psychological dependence on a drug, event, or action that craving and physical/psychological discomfort or pain occurs in its absence.

Affect Bridge:

A technique used to access a previous instance of a client’s presenting issue by highlighting the troubled feelings in the present.

Afferent Neuron:

Neuron that carries messages toward the central nervous system from a receptor cell. Also known as a sensory neuron.


Positive suggestions given though hypnosis and in mental bank ideomotor exercises in order to reprogram one's life script.

Age Progression:

Advancing someone in age level during a therapy session.

Age Regression:

A hypnotized person is given suggestions of a younger age so that the he/she can relive certain experiences and/or re-experience events from a more resourceful state.


To mirror someone's behavior in order to move into the same line of vision and thought for the purpose of establishing good rapport.

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