Monday, October 5th, 2015

IAPH Video Library

Video Library: This is only a small sample of videos available to IACT and IMDHA members.

Hypnosis And Celebrities
By George Bien
Part 6 of "Hypnosis and You", a 7-Part program, Dr. George Bien discusses the uses of hypnosis by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and other celebrities.

Medical Hypnosis

Hypnosis In Dentistry
By Ashley Goodman

Your Health: Integrative Medicine
By StanfordHospital
Forty-two percent of Americans seek alternative care for chronic ailments, such as pain, fatigue, anxiety and illness related stress. The Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine offers patients alternative medicine approaches in addition to the mainstream medical care they receive. David Spiegel, MD, the Centers director, discusses the services offered

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