Approved Schools - Florida

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Atlantic Hypnosis Institute
Sean Michael Andrews CH   REG# 170918*

Orlando, FL -- 32828
706 284-3370
Certification Trainer

Geers Hypnosis
Monica Geers Dahl CHt   REG# 891001
111 W. Main St #310
Inverness, FL -- 34450
305 296-9945
Certification Trainer

Hypnotherapy Professional College, LLC
Sheila Lea Nielsen CHt   REG# 180319
15917 133rd Terrace North
Jupiter, FL -- 33478

The Behavior Therapy Center, PC/Hypnosis Seminars LLC
Bruce Eimer CHt   REG# 150326
7546 Pebble Shores Terrace
Lake Worth, FL -- 33467

Up Hypnosis Institute
Patricia Scott CHt   REG# SP072215
36181 East Lake Rd. #221
Palm Harbor, FL -- 34685
727 943-5003
Certification Trainer
Medical Hypnosis (Specialty Training)

Wellness Room Miami
Fernando Arias CHt   REG# 79342
2100SW Coral Way Suite 303
Miami, FL -- 33145

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