2015 Conference Highlights Photo Gallery

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Aline Hoffman - Connecticut and Larry Elman - North Carolina

Arthur Emrich - Florida

Beach View

Book Store

Cheryl Elman - North Carolina

Conference Registration - Heather Confer and Nikki Rump

Conference staff - Christa Otto Bubba, Heather Confer and Nikki Rump

Conference Team 2015 - Darlene Nees, Jacke Fox Dreisbach, Christa Otto Bubba, Nikki Rump and Heather Weston Confer

D. Chips - NATH Founder and COPHO Member

Saturday Awards Banquet Entertainment

Polynesian Dancers


Dennis and Jennifer Chong - Ontario, Canada

Ed Horn with dancing partner

Michael Ellner - Florida and Alena Guest - California

Michael Ellner - Florida, Steven Roth - Florida and Juan Acosta - California

Eugenia Karahalis and Ralph Allocco - New York

Friday Entertainment - Amoro the Firedancer!

Gilbert Wong - Hong Kong and Kweethai Neill - Texas

James Giunta and guest

James Giunta, Roy Hunter and Ralph Allocco

Joane Gouling - Australia, Cheryl Elman - North Carolina and Aline Hoffman - Connecticut

Joan Harkenrider - Texas and Michael Ellner - Florida

Heather Confer and Nikki Rump - Pennsylvania and Ed Horn - Michigan

Roy Hunter - Washington, Joane Goulding - Australia and Larry Elman - North Carolina

Hypno Expo Staff

Hypno Expo Team 2015

IACT Chapter of the Year - Chapter Leaders Alesia Simco and Ralph Allocco - New York

IACT Distinguised Service Award - Anthony DeMarco - New Jersey

IACT Hypnotist of the Year - Peter Blum - New York

IHHF Inductee 2015 - Dave Elman. Accepting on his behalf is his son Larry

IMDHA Life Fellow - Jennifer Chong - Ontario, Canada

IMDHA Life Fellow - Leslie McIntosh - British Columbia, Canada

IMDHA Lifetime Achievement - Anne King - Texas

Jillian LaVelle - Washignton, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas - California and Patti Scott - Florida

Joane Goulding - Australia

Joann and Roy Hunter - Washington

Juan Sanchez - Puerto Rico and Linda Otto - Pennsylvania

iHealth Center for Integrative Wellness Exhibit - Texas

Keynote Address 2015

Kweethai Neill - Texas and Monica Geers Dahl - Florida

Kweethai Neill - Texas and Leslie McIntosh - British Columbia, Canada

Kweethai Neill and Steve Stork - Texas

James Giunta - New Jersey, Roy Hunter - Washington and Ralph Allocco, New York

Michael Ellner - Florida and Paula Fowke - Colorado

Michael Watson - Florida

Robert Levine and Christine Allyson - Michigan

Polynesian Welcome: Saturday Awards Banquet

Polynesian Dancers - Saturday evening entertainment

David Quigley - California

Robert Otto - Keynote address 2015

Robert Otto - Pennsylvania and Gilbert Wong - Hong Kong

Roy Hunter having fun...

Sheley Stockwell Nicholas - California, Jillian LaVelle - Washington and Linda Otto - Pennsylvania

Sherry Gilbert and Linda Bennett - Arizona

It's Showtime!!!

Beautiful Table Decor to compliment the Polynesian theme

Tim Shurr - Indiana Keynote Speaker - 2015

Tim Shurr delivering a stellar keynote address.

IMDHA Penn and Quill Award - C Roy Hunter

Breaking Bread

Changing Classes

Say Cheeeese!

Wish you were here...

Lovely Mother-Daughter Duo


At the start of a brand new day!

Saturday Banquet

Fine looking group!

Giving thanks...

Mid-day Break - Fruit Kabobs with Raspberry Yogurt Dip! Yum!

All things Texan...

George Bien

Michael Ellner getting his portrait drawn from caricaturist James Thomas. Compliments of HypnoExpo 2015 Great likeness!

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