How To Become An Approved School

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Thank you for considering the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®! We are always looking for quality educators who want to teach hypnosis.

There are several ways to acquire IMDHA approved school status.

Prerequisite to apply for IMDHA approved school status:

  1. Become a Certified Member with IMDHA
  2. 2 years full time or 3 years part time professional hypnosis experience
  3. Completed Application - Application is found on member account page after membership is established.
  4. Payment (options below)

1) You may submit your independent curriculum for review. There is a one-time, ($249 USD) administrative/review fee associated with this review. Your curriculum must encompass 220 hours. 150 hours of physical classroom training and 70 hours independent study OR an Approved Interactive on line training that consists of 204 hours online and minimum of 16 hours face to face for a total of 220. . An outline is not acceptable; you must submit your full curriculum. Assuming your training meets our standards, we would like you to be able to administer our certification assessment to your graduates. Call 570.869.1021 for more details.

Note: Some schools that do not qualify have opted to use the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association's Curriculum. It has made it easier for them when they decided to submit it to their board of education for licensure.

2) You may elect to purchase the official IMDHA curriculum. The IMDHA 220-hour foundational curriculum is a tried and true educational course of study. We believe it to be superior in content and an exceptional value. This is available to you, complete with student syllabus, scripts, exam, and instructor manuals for just $2,495 (USD). Call 570.869.1021 for more details.

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