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To better understand the core momentum that exists within our administration, we thought it a good idea to acquaint you with our team of professionals. Our Operations Team comes to you with a diverse background in specific areas of expertise. Each team member contributing their experience and skills to better serve the needs of our members in their own unique way. We are very proud of them and happy to have them on board. Affectionately referred to as the wind behind our sail; it is both and honor and pleasure to introduce them to you.

Robert Otto

Robert Otto
President, Chief Executive Officer

Robert received his formal training in the early 1980's from Dr. Matthew A. Sportelli, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Founder of the Institute of Dynamic Hypnosis. His literary contributions can be found in numerous professional journals, magazines and newspapers. As a pioneer in the profession, he is the first hypnotist to receive a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition listed in the Library of Congress. Robert oversees all administrative activities related to Chapters, Instructors, School Owners and Membership Benefits.

Linda Otto

Linda Otto
Executive Director

Linda is responsible for maintaining efficiency in the everyday operations of this administration. Striving for a competent staff that delivers impeccable service to its members, quality assurance and promptness to all inquires with a cheerful and knowledgeable response is of utmost importance to her. Linda is formally trained in Hypnosis and has been actively involved in the profession since 1989.

Ashley DymondAshley Dymond
Membership Services

When you call the corporate office, Ashley is the friendly and helpful voice you'll hear on the other end of the telephone. As Membership Services Coordinator, she assists in all referrals and is always available to attend to the needs of our members with the utmost care. She is an adoring wife, the mother of two children, a professional musician, and an advocate for human rights, Neurodiversity & Autism. Ashley comes to us with over 20 years of combined experience in customer service, marketing, human resources, business management, and accounting. She enjoys learning, kayaking, hiking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her large extended family in her leisure time.

Rita Vandemark

Rita VanDeMark
Online Services

Rita is responsible for the operations of the online system. She ensures the system is functioning properly and assists in all requests, updates and changes within the system. Rita is a native of Northeastern PA with many years of experience in customer service. She is married, the mother of two children and grandmother of four. In her leisure time, Rita enjoys baseball and gardening.

Diane Ives

Diane Ives
Financial Services

Diane is excited to join the Association’s team. With a background in teaching, she is responsible for all bookkeeping-related activities. Diane is a native of this area and is proud to call this part of northeast Pennsylvania her home. She recently celebrated her 31st wedding anniversary to her husband Doug and is the mother of 6 children and 5 grandchildren. Her hobbies include scrapbooking, attending sporting events and spending time with her family.

Christina Otto

Christa Otto Bubba
Conference Liaison

Christa has been around Hypnosis since her pre-school years. A graduate of Mansfield University, Christa uses the basic concepts learned from early childhood to solidify a booming career in sales with an emphasis on personalized customer service. Christa is responsible for coordinating conference volunteers and staff and oversees many conference-related details.

Dan Dunham

Dan Dunham
Web Designer

We keep Dan very busy and welcome his expert advice and assistance with our web development and web presence. Dan is experienced and knowledgeable and is a constant source of help for us in our everyday online challenges. He is dedicated to providing our members with user-friendly web site navigation and state-of-the-art services, while maintaining a professional appearance and web presence.

Ron Stamets

Ron Stamets
Web Development

As a kid, Ron tended to gravitate towards animated toys that did something. "My favorite toy was a Mechanix Set. I would spend hours building gizmos that would sling marbles all over the floor, or Ferris Wheels for my other toys to ride in". But no matter what, a successful project had to do something. Go whiz, bang, zoom, scare the cat...whatever."

Fourteen years ago, Ron discovered something that not only allowed him to use the experience he gained in 30 years of business, but fulfilled everything he enjoyed as a child. "I started writing the code that makes web sites go whiz, bang, zoom!".

Steve Latimer

Steve Latimer
Information Technology

Steve is perhaps the most valuable part of our everyday communication. Steve is responsible for maintaining all of our computer equipment, safety, backups and networking challenges. He keeps our computers healthy by providing regular maintenance, updating programs and adding new software. Steve also works as a Customer Service Representative / Support Technician for eBay Inc, He participates in Church activities, enjoys time with his wife Kelly, and plays guitar with other local musicians.

Ed Horn

Ed Horn
Audio/Video Technology

Ed manages all areas of Videography and Audio production within our organizations. He is responsible for the taping and reproduction of all conference and symposium recordings. He also creates and distributes audio/video media via video marketing technology. Ed is our 'go to' person in this area of expertise. In addition to being a team player and a consummate perfectionist, Ed comes to us with formal training in Hypnosis.

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