Hypno Expo 2024 | May 17th - 19th
Orlando, Florida

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Conference Event Proposal!

Thank you for your interest in being a presenting partner at our Annual Educational Conference in 2024!
The information you provide below will help us, in collaboration with you, launch the most interesting and exciting event possible. If you would like us to consider more than one topic, workshop, or class, kindly submit the following:

  • a separate proposal for each topic and/or presentation category
  • a 60 - 100 word bio
  • a headshot photograph
  • a handout for your  presentation

First time presenters must submit speaker references with at least one performance video recording.

Deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2023.

Please submit a separate proposal for each topic/presentation category.
Submissions missing the required material will be rejected without notice.

Event Title:

Event Category
45 Minute Lecture
2 Hour Workshop
Full Day Pre/Post Course

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In one sentence, which is the most important benefit the attendees will gain from attending your program.

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* Submit speaker references and recording to info@hypnosisalliance.com.