Hypno Expo 2021
May 21-23

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A Message from our CEO:

Robert OttoIt’s exciting to be hosting this year’s event virtually! Given the state of affairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the most responsible solution.

This year we’ve chosen 53 exceptionally gifted and highly acclaimed educators to bring you a versatile and well-rounded blend of extraordinary presentations to fit your experience level and interests. Collectively you have a choice of participating in 69 award-winning courses and lectures. Some presentations, uniquely connected to our conference, are not offered in any other venue; so I encourage you to seize the opportunity to select from your skill set ‘wish list’ and train with the pros! As if that is not enough reason to entice you to attend – included with full conference registration is a selection of 6 FREE workshops from which to choose.

Our goal in offering Hypno Expo LIVE Online! is our commitment to provide you with learning opportunities that are safe and viable. 

Robert F. Otto


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Top Ten Reasons Why You MUST Attend This Event

  • To Receive Training by Some of the Brightest Minds in the Profession
  • For Personal Growth
  • To Learn New Skills
  • To Open New Doors of Opportunity
  • For Professional Networking with Like-Minded Peers
  • To Fulfill Your Annual CEU Obligation
  • For Professional Development
  • To Revitalize Your Passion for the Profession
  • To Add New Tools To Your Professional Toolbox
  • To Improve Your Confidence and Stretch Your Academic Potential

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