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  • 2019 Conference Highlights Photo Gallery

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    Blue skies in Daytona Beach

    It's the perfect weather for an evening get together

    A big hello from Canada and Hungary

    Its great to be here again

    Its great to be here again

    The conference staff are all smiles

    Demonstrations happen anywhere

    The fabulous four

    Strong arm from Hong Kong - Gilbert Wong

    Friday general assembly

    Up close and personal

    Carm Blacconaire and Loretta Tretina

    Relaxing poolside

    Karen Hand in action

    Dr. Wes Rocki delivering his message

    Dan Cleary and Mark Babineaux

    Refreshments anyone?

    Sean Michael Andrews in the moment

    Roy Cantrell

    Hypno Expo book table

    What a crew!

    Peek a boo - I see you!

    Michael Watson

    Cheryl Elman - live demo

    When Nicole from Switzerland meets the Elmans' - it's all smiles

    A little sun, drink and chatter makes for some happy men

    So happy to be in the warm Florida sunshine!

    Sean Carson in action!

    This is Karen Hand!

    Nicole Wackernagel, Carm Blacconaire and Jillian LaVelle

    Jess Marion, Shawn Carson and Linda Otto

    Anthony DeMarco

    Sherry Gilbert and Linda Bennett

    Michael Watson, Peter Blum and Donald Pelles

    Releasing some energy on the dance floor

    Nicole Wackernagel demonstration

    Pre banquet social gathering

    One on one with Rob DeGroof

    The entertainment was hot! hot! hot!

    The first course. What a thing of beauty!

    H. Larry Elman (Dave Elman's son)

    There's a hillbilly walking amongst us

    Caribbean steel drums to delight the night

    The perfect opportunity to catch up and chat

    I'm in for the fruit tarts!

    Our own personal Barista brewing up the best!

    Linda Otto and Jillian LaVelle

    Robert Otto delivering a keynote address

    Working Luncheon with Kweethai Neill

    Joan DeMarco and Linda Otto

    Saturday evening Social

    Hypno Expo conference staff

    The infamous Michael Watson

    Registration area of Hypno Expo

    Robert Otto and Attila Kun

    Robert Otto

    Roasting Smores by the fire

    Presenter gift bags